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Admission in the Hospital

If your medical condition requires you to be hospitalized, the doctor will fill out an Admission Request and alert In Patient Services. You will be guided to the Admissions Desk located on the Ground Floor. Here, you will be have to pay the advance as applicable to admission for stay in the room of your choice and escorted to your room after completion of the documentation. If your admission is planned in advance, please report to the Admissions desk on the day of your planned admission at the stipulated time. Your treatment plan and further information regarding your treatment and stay will be given to you by the doctor and nurse in charge of your care, once you reach your room.


Aarvy Hospital offers you a choice of rooms for stay. We make our best effort to allot you the room of your choice. However, if, due to high occupancy, a room of your choice is not available at admission, an alternate choice will be given to you and efforts will be made to shift you to the room of your choice as soon as one becomes available.

You will be provided with one Attendant Pass (to be worn by the person who will accompany you during your stay). However, we are also concerned about infection and follow infection control norms strictly, hence we allow only one visitor at a time who can meet you during Visiting Hours. Please return all passes to the staff at the floor nursing station upon discharge. If a pass is misplaced, it can be reissued by the IPD Front Desk for an additional charge. Loss of a pass or failure to return it will result in a charge of Rs.100/-.

Attendant & Visitor Information

Only ONE attendant is allowed to stay with you overnight and only one visitor at a time may visit you during visiting hours. An attendant couch is provided in all accommodations.

- Wards - 10 AM-11 AM and 6 PM-8 PM
- ICU (With Consultant’s permission) - 10.30 AM-11 AM and 5.30 PM-6 PM

Payments for Admission

Cash Paying Patient

75% of the total estimate is to be deposited at the time of admission. The balance is to be deposited within 3 days of admission. If your stay is anticipated to be less than 3 days, 100% of the estimated cost is to be deposited at the time of admission. In case of packages, you need to deposit the total cost of package at the time of admission.

Corporate Patients

A credit facility is offered to you if you are from Corporate that has a tie-up with Aarvy Hospital. No deposit is required at the time of admission if you hold a valid authority letter from the company and an appropriate ID card. If the authority letter is not submitted at the time of admission then it must be submitted within 24 hours of admission. Services and consumables not covered under the authority letter need to be settled prior to discharge.

Insurance Patients

A deposit of Rs 5000/- is required at the time of admission from corporate and non- corporate patients who have health insurance coverage. This will be adjusted/refunded at the time of discharge. Should approval from the TPA not come through within 24 hours, then an additional cash deposit will be required (as is for cash paying patients). If TPA approval has limitations (such as room rent, duration of stay, diagnostic tests etc) then the uncovered portion will be charged directly to you and must be settled prior to discharge. If after an initial TPA approval a subsequent decline in coverage is given, then you will be liable for settling the outstanding amount prior to discharge.

Emergency Admissions

In order to facilitate admission for you in the event of an emergency, Rs 5000/- as deposit will be acceptable. However, attendants need to ensure that the appropriate deposit is given by 12 noon the following day as per Aarvy policy.


On intimation of discharge, our doctors prepare a “Discharge Summary” which is a brief description of your illness and the treatment given at Aarvy. The document also contains clinical notes, allergies (if any), summary of procedures performed (if any), physical condition at discharge, and medications prescribed post discharge.

Simultaneously, a bill for your stay in the hospital is also generated, which needs to be settled before discharge. Your stay will be billed on the basis of a 12 noon cycle, that is, all discharges happening before 12 noon will not be billed for the day of discharge. If you are discharged before or at 8 PM, half day charges for the room will be levied. Discharge after 8 PM attracts a full day charge. The process usually takes 2 hours, at the end of which you can leave for home.

If you are covered by insurance, the final bill (which takes 2 to 3 hours to complete) along with the discharge summary is Emailed to the TPA for final approval. The patient is discharged as soon as the final approval is received from the TPA. This process generally takes any where between 4 to 6 hours. We would request you to kindly bear with us during this time. Our TPA liaison team is constantly in touch with your insurance agency to expedite the process. We will do our best to keep you updated if there is a delay in this process.

Should you want to leave earlier you could pay the complete bill and claim reimbursement from the insurance company. The paid amount can be refunded back through cheque in case the TPA approval is received the same day.