• intestinal surgery in Gurgaon
  • intestinal surgery in Gurgaon
  • intestinal surgery in Gurgaon
  • intestinal surgery in Gurgaon

Intestinal Surgery

What is Intestinal Surgery?

Intestinal Surgery is a surgery to remove a diseased or cancerous part of the small intestine (small bowel, duodenum, jejunum, and/or ileum). The surgery can be performed through a traditional, open incision, or using a laparoscopic technique, involving several smaller keyhole incisions.

Why is it done?
An Intestinal Surgery is advised if the individual has:

What is done during the surgery?

At Aarvy Hospital gurgaon, during an open surgery, the surgeon will locate the part of your small intestine that is diseased. Then the surgeon will put clamps on both ends of this part to close it off. The surgeon will remove the diseased part. However during a laparoscopic surgery, the intestines are approached using the laparoscope so the cuts and scars are minimal. The surgeon performs the procedure and gets out of the abdomen through the mini holes. The diseased part is removed and ends are stitched together.
Laparoscopy is associated with faster recovery times, shorter hospital stays, and smaller surgical scars, but requires advanced training on the part of the surgeon.
At Aarvy Hospital in Gurgaon the success rate of this operation is 98%.

After the surgery

At Aarvy Hospital in Gurgaon we discharge the patient depending on your body’s post-operative recovery. After the surgery, you will be closely monitored for signs of infection, leakage or other complications.
You may be able to return to work between three and six weeks after your operation. You must follow your surgeon's advice about strenuous exercise, lifting and driving.

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